How To STOP SMOKING During Pregnancy

Regretfully, smoking during pregnancy even escalates the risk of your baby dying during the first few years of his life by up to 40 per cent (NICE 2010). So quitting is an extremely important step to consider now. Get support. Folks are more likely to succeed at quitting when relatives and buddies help. If you don't want to inform your family that you smoking, ask friends to help you quit. Consider confiding in a counselor or other adult you trust. Whether it's difficult to find people who support you (like if your friends smoke cigars and aren't interested in quitting), join a web based or in-person support group.
Most smokers dread that giving up smoking will lead them to placed on weight. The common weight gain is around 5-10lbs. This concern with gaining weight prevents many smokers from attempting to stop, while some stop and then relapse when they put on weight. A lot of the weight you get when you give up smoking is brought on by a rise in calories. This may happen if you replace smoking with food. However, you can stay your usual weight if you take in sensibly and get more active.
You don't need to go to a cognitive behavioral therapist to reap the benefits of CBT techniques. A great many other care experts are trained in CBT because it complements that they deliver their own service. I've met doctors, nurses, social personnel, physiotherapists, hypnotherapists, business instructors, Reiki healers and yoga teachers trained in CBT.
There are also electronic smokes (e-cigarettes). They are designed to look and feel like normal tobacco. They have a heat component inside that vaporises a solution - this looks like smoke. It could also contain nicotine. They can be substituted for normal smokes or cigars. There exists some uncertainty whether this works more effectively than the other ways of preventing smoking. A recent research paper in the Lancet (see under 'Referrals' at the end of this leaflet) proved that the e-cigarettes were as effective as nicotine patches. Further studies are needed to ensure they may be safe to use over the length of time.
When you've made your decision to quit, set a particular date for stopping and prepare to quit. Think about where so when you usually have a cigarette. These are the times that you will be more likely to have cravings after you stop smoking. You may have to improve your routine, and find things you can do with the hands. The main thing is to break the behavior — not simply the smoking habit, but any behaviors that cause you to smoke. Determine how you will cope being around other smokers. Learn how to refuse if you are offered a cigarette. Don’t be enticed to have even one pull of an cigarette. The poisonous cigarette smoking will stimulate all the old craving.

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